About Timeless Urns

The Timeless Urns are unique and exclusive pieces of work, handmade in Italy according to the ancient and prestigious “tarsìa” art of Sorrento. Each product is manufactured by an experienced Craftsman, which meticulously tackles the complex woodworking task, in order to shape objects with an unmatched and modern design. Our production is one of the most qualified among the higher artistic ateliers, also thanks to our handpicked Made-in-Italy-only raw materials.


Handcrafted wood urns for a dignified resting place of the loved one.

Timeless Urns combines for the first time tarsìa and cinerary urns production. Each Timeless Urns’ piece is made of 100% Made-in-Italy, handcrafted, and natural woods with different shades such as: Birdeye Maple, Tay, Bolivar, Bigleaf Maple, Walnut, Ash and Mahogany. The results are extremely sophisticated, where the design meets the highest environmental criteria.

This all-Italian technique was born at the end of the 16th century and consists in cutting and assembling small chips of wood to replicate mosaics, ornaments and shapes. The reinterpretation and always modern approach of the Sorrento Tarsìa Masters, allowed the production of many new pieces and designs to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele.


  • Urna Modello Capri


    Capri ashes urn is inspired by the colors of the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island.

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  • Urna Modello Siena


    Siena ashes urn, inspired by the wonderful “Torre del Mangia” in Siena, Tuscany.

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  • Urna Modello Milano


    Milano ashes urn is just similar to the famous city in the north of Italy

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  • Sorrento

    Sorrento ashes urn is inpired by the wonderful perfumes of Sorrento Coast

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  • Urna Modello Venezia


    Venezia ashes urn is inspired to the famous lagoon city.

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